Podiatrist in Marseille

Welcome on the website of Rémy ATTARDO, your podiatrist in Marseille. The consultations of the podiatry office can be carried out in English. They have an average duration of 1 hour. You can meet me at my dispensary or have a podiatrist appointment at home in Marseille, too.

Take care of your feet and their health in Marseille - now in English!

One of my main activities is to conceive and create postural insoles. The goal of these accessories is to actively stimulate of myotatic reflexes in the foot and leg, in order to strengthen the muscular structure of the wearer. The goal is to improve global postural balancing in the long term.

The usual delay to receive your insoles after a consultation with your podiatrist is 1 week (depending on my planning), but if you need it the day of the consultation, call me directly on phone to prepare for a 2 hour consultation, and you will walk back home with your own new insoles!

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Personalized insoles for everyone

Once you have your insoles, follow-up appointments will be needed, as your needs will keep evolving, and your insoles may end up deformed after some time.

It is therefore advised to get a consultation with your podiatrist :

  • Once a year for adults in a stable situation
  • Twice a year for teenagers in a stable situation, or adults in an unstable one
  • Up to four times a year for children and teenagers in unstable situations.

Before the age of 4, podiatrical insoles are irrelevant. And don't forget: for minors, 2 out of 4 consultations are free! Feel free to call me if you have any question, it will be my pleasure to answer your questions before your appointment with a podiatrist in Marseille.

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